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Are Your E-mails Mobile-Friendly?

Recent research shows that more people read their e-mail via their smartphones or other mobile devices than via a desktop or laptop computer. This fact can have important implications for the readability of your e-mail messages.

Real estate marketing guru Carl White of Marketing Animals presents some very useful strategies for formatting your e-mails for maximum impact on mobile devices. Check out his video here.

Although Carl’s primary business is real estate marketing, the lessons he teaches in this video are invaluable for anyone who wants to ensure their e-mails get read. Carl’s main message is well known among Web writers–that chunking your text into very short paragraphs makes the copy more inviting to the eye and increases the likelihood that viewers will actually read the message, rather than just looking at it and moving on. Carl also offers some phone-specific hints that can help you format your e-mails for the best possible experience on the very small screen.

Carl’s weekly “Saturday Strategy” offers lots of helpful communication and marketing tips. Thanks, Carl!

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