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Laura Brown provides customized coaching in business writing and consulting on a variety of business writing projects.

Customized Writing Coaching

Customized writing coaching for individuals and small groups addresses your specific needs quickly and efficiently. Weʼll work with your own work documents, pinpoint areas for improvement, and ensure that you develop the skills and knowledge to write with confidence going forward. All coaching programs are completely confidential.

Through customized writing coaching, Laura can help you

  • beat procrastination and writerʼs block
  • develop a writing process that works for you—given your job, your schedule, and your own strengths
  • get through your e-mail and other writing jobs faster
  • solve problems with punctuation, grammar, and usage

All coaching happens in your workplace or via WebEx, on your schedule, and focuses on the specific writing tasks you need to perform in your job.

Customized coaching is especially appropriate for

  • Executives who want to improve the clarity, effectiveness, and persuasiveness of their writing;
  • Business people who need to get through their writing tasks faster, with confidence that the message is clear and appropriate;
  • Career changers or job seekers looking for a competitive edge in the market;
  • Newly hired or promoted professionals, or individuals making a transition into positions that require extensive writing;
  • College graduates who need to develop their business writing skills;
  • Administrative professionals who handle a large volume of written communication.

Customized writing coaching is the most effective way to improve writing skills, for both individuals and small groups. Customized coaching targets your spe- cific needs and helps you improve your writing quickly and efficiently.

One-to-one writing coaching

One-to-one writing coaching offers you individualized instruction and quick results. Targeted sessions answer your specific questions, focus on your own work documents, and help you advance quickly. Sessions can be scheduled to accommodate the demands of your job.

Small-group writing training

Small groups of peers in the same organization can benefit from writing training designed to address the communication needs of their jobs. Training is customized to help participants meet the expectations set by their organization.

Ongoing support

Laura offers her clients ongoing support for their writing by e-mail or phone, on an as-needed or contract basis. She can answer quick questions or help you strategize a new project. Please contact us for further information.

American-Style Business Communication

American-style business communication has become the standard for most businesses around the globe. Laura Brown consults with international clients to help them become adept with American business communication conventions. Lauraʼs clients have included professionals from Greater China, India, South America, Europe, and Africa. Contact us to learn about how Lauraʼs coaching services can help you adapt, save time, and avoid potentially costly misunderstandings.

Writing in The Real World

Recruiters and HR professionals consistently cite writing skills as among the most difficult to find. The volume of workplace communication is increasing, and the risks associated with poor communication are growing. At the same time, new college graduates are entering the workforce less well prepared to cope with these demands. One-on-one or small-group training can help ease the transition into the “real world” of writing at work—from office politics and etiquette to the skills needed to write concise, professional e-mail communications. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Writing Consultation

Laura Brown offers consultation and support for a variety of writing projects, including white papers, case studies, articles, promotional writing, and Web content, among others. Please contact us to discuss how she can support your project.

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